Current Litter

Lucy and Blaise’s much anticipated 3rd litter arrived February 24,2022. Four beautiful girls and 1 amazing little boy.

There are two puppies available in this litter, please contact us for additional information.

Rio and Annie

uture Liters and our Females


Lucy Beth

November 16, 2018
Friday 13th, 2021!!  Lucky blessed day!!!  Lucy gave birth to 5 beautiful Healthy babies!   Please check back often for updates!

Ivylane Ragin Cajun "Blaise"

“Blaise” is a wonderful fit for our red and parti Barksdale Australian Multi-Generational Labradoodles.  Blaise is a wonderful red white mix with a full coat and is this Generation of males for “Barksdale’s line of Reds – Bbee.  This guy is a Miniature Multi-Gen Miniature Australian Labradoodle (ALD).  His birthday is 16 February, 2018 and is a stalwart of our Red and Parti Lines. “Blaise” is part of Barksdale’s Guardian Program.