Lucy's 2nd Litter - August 13,2021

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Friday 13th, 2021!!  Lucky blessed day!!!  Lucy gave birth to 5 beautiful Healthy babies!   Please check back often for updates!

Ivylane Ragin Cajun "Blaise"

“Blaise” is a wonderful fit for our red and parti Barksdale Australian Multi-Generational Labradoodles.  Blaise is a wonderful red white mix with a full coat and is this Generation of males for “Barksdale’s line of Reds – Bbee.  This guy is a Miniature Multi-Gen Miniature Australian Labradoodle (ALD).  His birthday is 16 February, 2018 and is a stalwart of our Red and Parti Lines. “Blaise” is part of Barksdale’s Guardian Program.