Barksdale’s Lucy Beth Gebhardt, Call Name Lucy

We plan on breeding Lucy one more time before we retire her.  Hopefully sometime in March we will breed Lucy for the final 4th litter, which would arrive sometime in May 2023.  However, no one can predict Mother Nature!

We are accepting reservations for this much anticipated litter!

Lucy Beth joined our family after we realized that Cooper needed a playmate.  Although Cooper didn’t necessarily agree with us in the beginning, he too soon fell in love with Lucy.  Despite being a bit moody at times, and her more independent potty-training phase, she fit right in.

Lucy has a wonderfully playful temperament and very intelligence, never chewing on things she shouldn’t.  She is indescribably loving, and we cannot imagine life without Lucy.

Lucy’s Bio

Lucy is 14 ½ tall and weighs 22lbs.  Her coat is hypoallergenic and non-shedding.  Lucy carries the brown and cream, brown, red, apricot genes and her coat is bbee and does not carry the black gene.

Barksdale’s Lucy Beth Gebhardt's Genetics

Call Name:  BK892F – Lucy Beth Gebhardt

Paw Print Genetics Health Certificate – Lab 117949

*dm clear, iec clear, hnpk clear, pra-crd4 clear, prcd clear, vwdi clear, hip joint – normal,  OFA     Elbows normal, Thyroid normal

*Registration ALAA-075688

Cooper’s Ridge Stella Kate

ALAA# 095573

Stella Kate

The moment Lucy gave birth to Stella we knew she was going to be the perfect addition to our Doodle Family! She is the most loving, undeniably the sweetest little girl ever! Her future puppies will be stunning. We are anticipating her to have future litters sometime in November of 2022.