Past Litters

Lucy’s first litter was born November 16,2020 and have all been delivered to their forever homes.

Cooper’s Ridge

Lucy Beth & “Barksdale” Ivylane Ragin Cajun “Blaise” “Miniature”

Authentic Australian Labradoodles

Arrived 16 November, 2020

Lucy Beth & Ragin Cajun (Blaise’s) litter of miniature Authentic Australian Labradoodles is Lucy’s very first litter. Cooper’s Ridge has been so excited about this litter of 7 (5 Males and 2 Females) has finally arrived!!

Lucy’s litter, are a combination of caramel with white, red caramel and Parti patterns, and a extreme Parti, with fleece coats. This litter is Gorgeous!  There coats will be soft, hypoallergenic and non-shedding!

Lucy’s 2nd litter